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NARC MAGAZINE - Album Review - 4* - “their fifth studio album is a cracker with choruses that stealthily lodge themselves in your brain” - Feb Issue, SEE CLIPPINGhttps://narcmagazine.com/album-review-my-life-story-loving-you-is-killing-me/
MUSIC OMH - Album Review - 3.5/5 - “ranges from shimmering swoons to brash and brassy numbers… showcases a more relaxed and exploratory band” - https://www.musicomh.com/reviews/albums/my-life-story-loving-you-is-killing-me
THE SOUNDBOARD - Album Review - “lush, spacious pop… a rare example of a band from the Britpop age who’ve not been cremated under nostalgia’s boot. Even rarer, they’re still making music with effort put in.” - https://thesoundboardreviews.com/2024/02/06/review-round-up-snayx-the-chisel-takida-my-life-story/
THE STOCKTON & HARTLEPOOL LIFE NEWSPAPERS - Album Review - “Album of the Week… brilliant”
REAL GONE ROCKS - Album Review - “as strong as anything else in the My Life Story canon. A highly recommended listen” - https://www.realgonerocks.com/2024/02/my-life-story-loving-you-is-killing-me/
MAXIMUM VOLUMEAlbum Review - 9/10 - “a pleasure to re-acquaint with Jake Shillingford and My Life Story and this magnificent new release `Loving You Is Killing Me` as MLS`s music always had that touch of baroque or chamber pop and a lyrical intelligence which still endures today.” - https://maximumvolumemusic.com/review-my-life-story-loving-you-is-killing-me-2024/
SILENT RADIO - Album Round up - “Produced by Ben Hillier (Depeche Mode, Patrick Wolf), who adds an electronic sheen to the epic pop stylings and playful lyricism of the Jake Shillingford masterminded project. ” - https://www.silentradio.co.uk/02/08/album-roundup-week-ending-9-february-2024/
LIVERPOOL SOUND & VISION - Album Review - 8.5/10 - “The return of the 90’s pop pioneers, My Life Story, is a welcome reminder of what perhaps the public have missed in the decades since their debut album thrilled the music lovers of the period, and in Loving You Is Killing Me the sense of challenges met in themes such as empathy, coercive behaviour, naturism, and the conceited and possible pessimism of others in their projection of emotions on to your being, are one of glory and passion to which the band have always illustrated with enormous fury.” - https://www.liverpoolsoundandvision.co.uk/2024/01/25/my-life-story-loving-you-is-killing-me-album-review/