Welcome to our new store, where you can exclusively pre-order the new MLS album on vinyl, CD, and download to be released 2/08/19

Due to the issues surrounding PledgeMusic’s freeze on payments to artists, we have taken the decision to close our Pledge campaign and take the funding of our album in-house.

This store now completely replaces our Pledge campaign. By returning back to our DIY roots we are taking a lot of work on, but we are confident this is the safest way to protect our fans’ money and to ensure the album is completed to schedule.

If you have already made an order on PledgeMusic, THIS HAS NOW BEEN CANCELLED. The ONLY way to pre-order the album or other items is via this site.

If you placed an order with PledgeMusic you will have received an email from us asking you to order again. Please see our FAQs page for more information, or feel free to contact us directly with any queries.

The album is due to launch in August but keep an eye on this site and social channels for updates. We’ll be sending exclusive email updates to everyone who has bought any item through this site. Proceeds from ALL items will go towards making the album. And the good news is that because this is a store, not a funding campaign, all items other than pre-orders can be shipped to you right away.

Once again, our heartfelt thanks, Jake and MLS x

PledgeMusic FAQs