PledgeMusic FAQ

I made a pledge for an item on – will I still receive my item?

No. Our PledgeMusic campaign has been cancelled and you will need to re-order your item(s) on this site.

Why do I need to order again?

PledgeMusic handled all orders – meaning we had no payment information and took no payments.

Will my money be taken twice?

Our PledgeMusic campaign has been cancelled and all pledges have been cancelled so your money will not be taken.

If you opted to pay upfront on PledgeMusic, please contact your credit card company to arrange a refund.

Why has the PledgeMusic campaign been cancelled?

We made the decision to cancel the funding on the PledgeMusic platform as PledgeMusic advised us they were experiencing financial difficulties and had no guarantee of when we would receive any money.

We did not want to be faced with the situation of all fans’ money being taken (when the campaign reached 100%) and this potentially being lost if the company closed down.

We decided the safest way to ensure our fans’ money was kept safe and that ensured we would receive cashflow to create the album was to take the campaign in house.

We are still making the new album and will be producing all items offered on the campaign.

I ordered a signed black vinyl LP on PledgeMusic and I can’t see it in the store.

For cost reasons we have decided to only produce a limited edition of coloured vinyl LPs, no black vinyl LPs.

Why are my postage costs different?

PledgeMusic provided their own shipping services. We are now shipping the items ourselves. We have done our best to keep shipping rates to a minimum but please bear in mind that postage is expensive! Particularly for unusually shaped items that need bespoke packaging. Our packing and postage is kindly being carried out by volunteers but we still need to ensure we cover our costs.

If you are ordering multiple items we will be happy to refund overpaid postage after shipping, when a final price has been calculated for the package. Please contact us if your shipping calculation seems too high.

When will I receive my items?

If you have ordered an item from this site that states ‘pre-order’, these will begin shipping from August 2019 and we will update you when we have an exact date. Please bear with us!

All other items ordered on this site will be shipped as soon as possible.

I paid upfront for an item on PledgeMusic. When will I receive a refund?

If you have not received your refund already, and have not had a satisfactory response from PledgeMusic, we strongly advise you to contact your bank or credit card company. My Life Story has not been sent any information about customer refunds (it turns out information we did receive from PledgeMusic was incorrect).

I already received an item I ordered on PledgeMusic. Have you received the money?

No – we have received no money from PledgeMusic and in the vast majority of cases our fans have not been charged. If you ordered a Christmas card and video message item from Pledge we have not received the money for these. Please contact us to make payment.

Will I still get AccessPass if I buy an item?

We do not have the platform to provide a site-based ‘AccessPass’ type forum, but we will keep everyone who orders up to date on the album progress with exclusive emails.

If you have any other queries not answered here, please contact us.