Day 250: Recording Piano

I love the anticipation you get when watching a live recording!

I prefer uprights to grands, they have a more earthy quality. Today Nick rested his guitar fingers and laid down some piano for 5 tracks on the album. This one has a Harry Nielsson vibe to it. We’re not particularly big on posh chord charts in MLS either!

Meeting a highly respected photographer for press shots this evening, really looking forward to that. We're getting to the business end of the artistic process now. Lots of creative people to work with, video, album artwork etc etc.

Many of our pledgers still haven't re-ordered so please get over to and pre purchase the new album or bundle form our store. Your payments go through Paypal directly to us so you can be secure in the knowledge that you will receive your order. Album due out on Aug 2nd.

Lots of Love

Be Seeing You

Jake x