Day 63. I'm Only Broken On The Inside

After 3 really enjoyable shows with promoters Star Shaped, we left Brixton Academy ready to put some of that onstage energy into the new songs. We’re just demoing ideas at the moment, but it felt right to ask MLS bass player Jack Hosgood into the studio today to lay some ideas down. What I love about Jack is that he puts physical energy and his heart into his playing that makes songs come alive. As you can see from this clip. The song is called ‘Broken’ and it only really has one lyric at the moment ’I’m looking on the bright side, I’m only broken on the inside". A song about being pokerfaced and proud, hiding rejection, sometimes humour comes out in those dark times. The brass sounds and drums are all samples at the moment for guide purposes as is the vocal. Once we’ve raised enough money to make the record we’ll get a real horn section in.

Jake Shillingford