Day 2. Thank you


Hi Folks, thank you so much to everyone who has pledged since our launch yesterday. We’ve nearly reached a quarter of the funding target in the first day and I’m really looking forward to starting work on the record tomorrow.

The album will be co-written by Nick Evans and my good self. Many of you will already know Nick as the MLS guitarist over the last few years. However we have written together on many TV, trailer and (more recently) film projects under the moniker Chøppersaurus since 2012.

Nick and I have used the income from these projects to build our own studio over the last 6 years and have now assembled enough equipment to make the bones of the MLS album. He’s a bit shy in front of the camera but I’m sure he’ll pipe up with a few knowing quips when we get settled in.

Please use the forum to ask any questions you would like answering with regards to the project and I’ll do my best to answer them. Have a great weekend ya’ll. God bless you – be seeing you x

Jake Shillingford